Design and Branding projects

Periodical publication in the spirit of a fanzine, which functions as a collection of a series of conversations about creativity from an interdisciplinary point of view.

Campaign to attract all types of artisans to create their workshop shop in La Bisbal d’Empordà.

Dignify the welcome element in tourism, the first impression is the one that counts.

Illustrate the 25 years of work done by the Solidarity ONG Coordinator of Girona.

Talk about territory and architecture from the maximum synthesis of forms.

Integrate in one event the wide variety of actors and disciplines in the world of ceramics.

To communicate the hidden fact that happens inside the artist, to give shape to a process that has no concrete one.

Transport yourself to the past without losing sight of contemporaneity.

Create a brand that remains personal.

Talk simply and easily about economics, progress, investment and management.

Encourage the desire to rediscover the assets of the region itself.

Collect the spontaneous and immediate vision of an artist’s life.

Graphic forcefulness in front of the limit situation that the territory of the Costa Brava is experiencing.

An identity that goes beyond the logo and that grows with its applications.

Simplicity and elegance to explain the tradition of a craft.

The colors of the kitchen

What is a family like?

A cultural space in a small town







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